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What is the Hailie™ Kiwi Kids Programme?

Low adherence to preventative asthma medications is a widespread issue that is associated with poor health outcomes and can result in days off school, unplanned visits to the doctor, emergency department, and hospital.  

The Hailie™ Kiwi Kids Programme aims to help reduce this problem by providing New Zealand children and teenagers who have severe-poorly-controlled asthma with the latest digital management tools from Adherium called Hailie™ to help manage their asthma.

Hailie™ technology will be donated free of charge to all participants enrolled in the Hailie™ Kiwi Kids Programme with the aim to improve asthma management long-term.

The Hailie™ Kiwi Kids Programme will be run through various medical centres, asthma clinics and hospitals throughout New Zealand, where the technology will be distributed to eligible children and teenagers.


Why Kiwi Kids?

•  1 in 7 kiwi children take medication for asthma*
•  Large numbers of kiwi children are admitted to hospital with asthma (3,552 in 2015)
• More than half a million school days are lost each year due to asthma (586,000 in 2016)

What is Hailie™?

Adherium’s Hailie™ solution is a tool to assist in the management of asthma by providing objective and accurate medication monitoring and audio-visual reminders.

The Hailie™ solution consists of a device that wraps around a patient’s asthma inhaler and software, including a mobile app for patients and/or caregivers, and a web-portal for health professionals. The sensor tracks medication usage and sends reminders to patients if they forget to take their medication, helping them to monitor and promote adherence as part of a self-management plan. The collected data can be reviewed by patients, health professionals, parents and other caregivers, and provides unique insights into dosing habits.

Visit to find out more about the Hailie™ solution.

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Why Provide Hailie™?

Clinical studies show that using the Hailie™ sensor (previously known as the Smartinhaler™ platform) for asthma management increases adherence to preventer medications in children, resulting in:

  • An 80% reduction in hospital admissions (Morton)
  • A 45% reduction in reliever medication use (Chan)
  • A 39% reduction on oral steroid use (Morton)

How can we participate?

The Hailie™ Kiwi Kids Programme team will be making contact with various New Zealand health organizations at all levels to recruit sites over the upcoming months. Please contact us below if you would like to get onboard or if you would like more information.  

COntact us

Children and teenagers with asthma, their parents, their care givers, health professionals, partners, and media are all welcome to contact the Kiwi Kids team by email at:

By leveraging smarter and easier technologies, we see the potential to better help families manage their health, which in turn could produce tremendous results for communities.

-Dr. Andrew Weinstein, MD.